On a Mission From God Night 5

March 19, 2009


On a Mission From God Night 5

On a Mission From God Night 5


On a Mission From God

Tools for the Mission: Part 2 Communion


Key text: Matthew 6:5-13 and Revelations 14:1-5

Series Big Idea:  We are called to be on a mission from God.  It is a mission to save the lost by telling them about Jesus Christ.  It is a mission that modern American Christians have taken for granted. Christianity will make up four percent of America by the time today’s teenagers are adults unless we take the mission seriously.  We must believe the gospel and to take it across the world. 


Sermon Big Idea: While on this mission from God, we will eventually face hard times.  Things will come against us and the word will be in our hearts, but the spirit is not ready.  God foresaw this and provided ways for us to commune with him and recharge our spirit.  He provided two tools for us to do this.  He gave us prayer and praise and worship.  Prayer gives us a way to speak to the father and discuss our struggles, to ask for help, and to be comfort by his word.  Praise and worship gives us a way to best express our love for God to him.  It gives us a way to commune with his intimate presence.


First Point: Prayer: I will not spend too much time on this because we not too long ago we went through a series on prayer, but due to the importance of prayer I will spend a little time on this.  Prayer is simply talking to God.  Some people really try to make it more difficult than it has to be.  Jeremiah 33:3 says that if you call out to God he will show you things that you know not.  The big point for this scripture is that prayer is a dialogue not a monologue with God.  You don’t do all the talking.  Let God speak, he knows more than you do.  Also when you pray do not make a show about it and don’t use words that don’t need to be used (Matthew 6:5-7).  The Lord’s Prayer provides us the best instruction of praying. (Matthew 6:8-13).  In the beginning you acknowledge God and holiness you praise him and seek his will.  You submit to God.    The next thing you seek is your daily bread.  You ask for God to provide your needs and he will.  You then seek forgiveness for your sin and acknowledge the fact that you have been sinned against and will forgive.  You conclude with seeking help for living this life.


Second Point: Praise and Worship: A big note on praise and worship is that some (especially some in our Pentecostal/charismatic denominations) make it more about your feelings than about God.  They make more about the song you sing and dance you dance than about the God you worship and life you live for him.  We often note that you should live for God, but in my opinion we do a REALLY bad job at outlining what that is.  Living for God is praise and worship.  I want to make a note that Jesus is not found singing throughout the gospel.  The first time Jesus sings and it is recorded in scripture is in Revelations 14:1-5.  He is singing with his army.  He is singing with those who are living a life for him.  He is singing with those that are pure and holy and have been redeemed.  The main point for this message is that Praise and Worship are not just singing, but is more aptly described by submission to God.


         Second Point A: Praise by Singing: Psalms 149 demands that we sing unto the lord a new song.  This song comes from the feats of our Lord.  We sing because God has delivered us as Miriam did in Exodus 15.  Singing is very valid form of praise and it allows us as children of God to revel in the presence of the father.  It allows us to enjoy the presence of God.  We are to delight in him.  You can praise many ways singing, dancing, clapping, writing, working a job, doing good in school, and living your life. 

         Second Point B: Praise by life: In Revelations 14 while Jesus is singing with the 144,000, the greatest way to praise and worship God is shown.  We are to live our lives for him.  The 144,00 are who we should seek to be like, because they are seeking God before anything else.  They do not let concerns of the flesh defile them.  They let nothing distract them from following God.  They also do not lie and this prevents them from worshipping anything but God.  They have been redeemed.


Closing:  Are you one of the 144,000?  Is there something in your life that is causing you to sin?  Are you being distracted from God? Are you able to lie to yourself and think that God is still God in your life but really something else is?  Come back to Jesus.  He is standing there calling out to you.  Come and let Jesus redeem you so that you can live a life worthy of being one of the 144,000.  


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