On a Mission From God Part 3

March 4, 2009

Opposition to the Mission Part 2 Battles

Opposition to the Mission Part 2 Battles

On a Mission From God

Opposition to the Mission: Part 2 Battles


Key text: Matthew 4:1-11

Series Big Idea:  We are called to be on a mission from God.  It is a mission to save the lost by telling them about Jesus Christ.  It is a mission that modern American Christians have taken for granted. Christianity will make up four percent of America by the time today’s teenagers are adults unless we take the mission seriously.  We must believe the gospel and to take it across the world. 


Sermon Big Idea: This mission from God is to trumpet the cause of Christ across the world.  The gospel of Christ is life changing and as such we are going to encounter resistance from a spiritual force that opposes God, Satan.  In order to keep going in the mission, we need to know what the schemes of the enemy are so that we may fight them (Ephesians 6:11-12).  He has watched all of human history from Adam and Eve to present day.  He knows our tendencies better than we do, but in all of this he knows he is a defeated foe.  His large number of schemes can be whittled down to three individual schemes: desire, doctrine, and destination. 


Intro:  In order to understand why Satan Opposes us, we must first understand that the gospel of Christ is a life changing force that once rolling can not be stopped.  In Acts 2 during one sermon, three thousand people came to Jesus in ONE DAY.  We Pentecostals often attribute this to the Holy Spirit, which is true in part, but the work was done by the Gospel being proclaimed by the men full of the Holy Ghost (Acts 2).  After this people began to come to Christ every day and the number of disciples multiplied.  The gospel is life changing and it is for this reason Satan opposes us. 

First Point: Desire.  The first type of scheme that Satan tries to use against us is our desires.  These desires can be for things we want, i.e. video game systems, computer software, books, or for things we think we need i.e. alcohol, cigarettes, email, and etc.  He tells us that if we are true Sons and Daughters of God we could provide them ourselves. In this passage of scripture he knows Jesus is hungry so he tells him that he can provide it.  We counter this with the word and by knowing that God shall supply all our needs (Philippians 4:19).  We must trust in God and change our way of life.  We must turn the focus of life off of our desires and onto him.  By turning our focus onto God we tend to pay less attention to our desires and more to our heavenly father that will supply all of our needs.


Second Point: Doctrine.  When you respond to the devil with scripture he breaks out the next device, Doctrine.  With this tool, he challenges your knowledge of scripture.  He brings verses out of context to challenge you.  He brings false doctrine against you.  You can only fight this challenge by using your knowledge of the word.  You have to know your bible.  In order to know the bible you must know Jesus because the secret of the bible is Jesus.  The Old Testament leads up to him.  It contains the prophecies about him and ceremonies that foreshadow what he would do for the world.  The New Testament contains the story of how he saved us and gives us a guide to living under his leadership.  In order to deal with false doctrine, you must know your bible.


 Third Point: Destination.  The final tool Satan uses to attack you is your destination.  If you are doing all you do for the glory of God and are focused on heavenly purpose then your destination is set on heaven.  If you are focused on earthly causes and concerns then your destination is this earth.  His plea to Jesus is to trade all the glory he had in heaven for glory on earth.  His plea to us is take the easy way. It’s to take the way that make us most accepted on this earth, but not in heaven.  It’s about being faithful to our heavenly father while we are in this world.  We can only overcome this tool by a life of prayer and communing with God.  It is through this type of life we are able to stay heavenly focused and be of earthly good.


Conclusion:  In order to live this life, we must focus on God through a relationship in the word and prayer.    It is only through this type of living that we can endure the battles of the enemy and prepare to fight.  It is through knowing the word and prayer that we are able to spread the gospel and fulfill God’s mission for our life.  Are you focused on him or like Peter (Matthew 14:22-33) are you taking your eyes off of him?  Are studying your world so that you might show yourself as a workman approved by God? (2 Timothy 2:15)  Turn to Jesus let him regenerate you so that you might be able to stand against the devil.


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