On a Mission From God part 2

February 25, 2009

Opposition to the Mission Part 1 People

Opposition to the Mission Part 1 People

On a Mission From God
Opposition to the Mission: Part 1 People

Key text: Acts 17:16-34
Series Big Idea: We are called to be on a mission from God. It is a mission to save the lost by telling them about Jesus Christ. It is a mission that modern American Christians have taken for granted. Christianity will make up four percent of America by the time today’s teenagers are adults unless we take the mission seriously. We must believe the gospel and to take it across the world.

Sermon Big Idea: When on a mission from God, we will encounter different people that will respond to the gospel differently. In order to study this we are going to look at Paul’s encounter with the men at Mars Hill. In this story Paul is a perfect example as a man who is being a missionary to culture and he meets three different types of people: Mockers, Skeptics, and Believers.

Intro: We have been called by Jesus to reach out and be missionaries to our culture in John 17. The gospel we share is called strange by the men of Mars Hill and offensive by Paul in Galatians 5:11. The two points that make the gospel strange or offensive are the points of sinful man and the way of grace. The first offends because we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). The second offends because it calls us to a faith that depends on grace from a holy righteous God. The world hears this and responds in one of three ways.

First Point: Mockers. The first way that people will respond to the gospel is to mock you. Mockers are usually deceived by the enemy into thinking that they need no God or that they can use religion to find their way back to him. (Religion in the Greek means to bind back). They however can’t find their way back to him on their own. It is only through a relationship with Jesus that any man can be reconciled to God.

Second Point: Skeptics. For the first point, there are two types of skeptics and they will respond differently and you are to respond differently. The first type of skeptic does not want to hear any more about your faith. This type of skeptic is normally so ingrained in whatever ‘religion’ they are in that they will refuse to hear anymore. The proper response to this type of skeptic is to befriend them on another point of interest and pray for them. The second type of skeptic doesn’t really have any faith and as one with a lack of faith they need a little more convincing as to the validity of Christianity. The first point in dealing with this type of skeptic is to always approach with scripture. The bible is the sword that cuts to the heart of the matter (Hebrews 4:12) and regardless whether or not they think it is a sword it still cuts. Secondly use your testimony and God’s works of grace in your life to show them how God’s transforms and continues to work in your life. Thirdly pray for them because scripture says that “no man may come to the father except that the spirit draw him” and you should pray that the spirit draw them.

Third Point: Believers. These are the people that listen and accept Jesus as their savior. These are the people that listen to the gospel and take it to heart. These people need help after they are saved. You should get them into a church. Get them to read the bible and pray. They are in the process of experiencing regeneration and you need to help them experience it.

Closing: On the mission you will meet many people and they all will fall into one of these three groups. Do you know who belongs in what group in your circle of friends? Are you able to identify who is a struggling person that needs Christ? You need to pray that God will give you wisdom (James 1:5) to discern the different categories of people and the strength to share your faith regardless.


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